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The new season Autumn / Winter ladieswear collections are arriving in store daily! The collections, across all our brands, are presenting elegant, wearable, transitional pieces that can be layered to suit both our weather and your lifestyle.

The silhouettes are sleek and streamlined with soft cardigans and fluid knitwear teamed up with the tailored trouser and structured jackets. The pastel palette focuses on grey and beige tones with strong evidence of a graduated effects from light to dark. The signature colours are aqua and soft berry shades or a shot of fuchsia, green or red.

Chic metallic hues and detailing endure and every brand shows an interpretation of a print, be it a graphic geometric, stripe, animal or floral.

You can buy and wear these pieces straight away as these days the seasons blend so much more, with continuity of black, grey, brown and beige being always in fashion.

Don’t forget Cosgroves Rimington has a vast range to choose from across two floors and you can enjoy a personal shopping experience everyday.