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New Season – New Stories.

Basler reply to the challenge of a new collection with fresh colours and the epitome of femininity. There is a lightness across the ranges, which evokes sunny climes and freedom from winter. Stories such as Port Miami, Fort Lauderdale and Coral Springs just make you want to leap into Spring.

Soft coral, pale baby blue, beige and grey all harmoniously fuse within pattern and colour block. You will still see, as you would expect, classic tailoring, flattering forms and attention to detail.

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Joseph Ribkoff springboard literally into their new season collection with a vitality and vibrance you would imagine from the brand. Bright striking colours of red, turquoise and gold combine to maximum effect. Team statement patterns with their legendary black pieces for a versatile wardrobe.

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Rabe are the German knit and jersey specialists who pride themselves on authentic and natural fabrics for the sporty, trend conscious women.

Spring / Summer 17 presents bold themes either linear, paisley or repeat in strong colours. Find your key seasonal favourite at Rimington.

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Gerry Weber are synonymous with a lively lifestyle – exciting, modern and irresistibly feminine.

The new collection includes classic colour combinations such as navy with a shot of red and soft blue and beige. Relaxed sporty fashion at its best.

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Masai are the fashion label that in their own words has ‘room for personality’ by which they mean you layer the pieces to create your own look.

Crisp seasonal white teamed with light and dark greys make for a classic combination. Add dusky pink for a flattering easy style.

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Luis Civit are renowned for classic elegance in occasion wear and the perfect solution for any guest at a Wedding.

Fine details and luxurious fabrics are the trademark of this Barcelona label.

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Georgede celebrate the new seasonal with a riot of pattern, guaranteed to make a bold statement.

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We welcome new brand Caroline Bliss to Rimington. We are sure you will enjoy their relaxed bohemian style. Perfect statement pieces for sunny days.

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Fossil handbags and purses – so many new colours, so many styles to choose. Why one would you pick?

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