Art in Motion

Fashionable Art!

We are delighted to unveil a new brand to Rimington, French label ‘Aventures des Toiles’ which literally means ‘Adventures of the Canvas’ an exciting concept where art is fused with fashion and textiles. Working with a variety of artists enables the label to re-invent itself with each collection, under the same ethos of bringing originality and creativity to the fore and in turn enabling the owner to make a unique statement.

Artist Veronique Lafont, is a colourist who paints abstract landscapes. Her collection is called ‘Philochromie’ and is a burst of lush nature and freshness recalling the lightness of Spring as shown by our models Karen and Lucy, with one of the canvases that inspired the collection.

Another artist Marie KVK shows in her collection ‘Valentina’ a graphical pattern of multi-colours offset on a crisp white background as if on a canvas itself, in the tailored dress worn by our model Carole.